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Event details

Mindfulness 101 for Teens

taught by Ann Hollar, M Ed


Class Description

Is your teen driven to distraction? Overwhelmed with keeping up socially on-line and off? Stressed about homework? Caught up in negative thinking? In this six week course we will touch on many aspects of mindfulness that will help your teen navigate these exciting and complex high school years.


This course is intended for high school aged teenagers (14-19 years old). Class size will range between 10 and 20 students. 


Last year, 100% of teens who took this class at CCFW said they would recommend it to a friend. Mindfulness helped...

100% of the class calm down when upset or stressed
93% be better listeners
79% make better decisions
71% avoid fights or arguments


After taking Mindfulness 101, teens said: 

"I use at least one thing I learned in the mindfulness class every day, and it's been very helpful to keep my mind organized and keep myself centered. The breathing exercises help me relax in stressful situations."


"Mindfulness helps me focus and relax at the same time. The class was great since it was all high school students with the same pressures of homework, tests and friends. The lessons and meditation help me find calm and step back to see the bigger picture."


"I learned how to listen to others way better (friends, family, teachers). The breathing exercise also helps me fall asleep."


"Life can be overwhelming and this helps a lot."


"Mindfulness has helped me put more effort into trying to discern what is real vs. imagined."


"If I just focus on one thing at a time I am better off."


"I was pretty upset going to a class at school, and I used mindful walking to calm down." 


"Bad grade on a quiz - I acknowledged sadness but didn't let it hold me back. Missed a shot in soccer - moved past it and scored."


"Ann's class made learning about mediation not only relatable but also enjoyable. I looked forward to going to her class as well as employing her methods in circumstances that I normally would have been unsure of what to do in. Working with Ann was a pleasure, and I look forward to continuing the use of mediation in stressful and foreign circumstances. Thank you Ann!"


Class Schedule

Every Sunday afternoon from 4:00pm-5:15pm

April 24 thru June 5, 2016

*No class on Sunday May 29



Week 1 April 24: Brain, Body, Breath - Understanding the basics

Week 2 May 1: Home Sweet Home - Creating a sense of ease within ourselves

Week 3 May 8: Driven to Distraction - Learning how to focus attention

Week 4 May 15: Making Sense of your Senses - Slowing down and noticing

Week 5 May 22: Riding the Storm - Being with, not thrown, by strong emotions

Week 6 June 5: Giving Thanks - The power of gratitude and kindness


About the Instructor




Ann Hollar is a mindfulness instructor in Seattle. She has a M. Ed from the University of Washington, focusing her thesis on “Mindfulness in Education:  The Secular Intersection of Buddhism and Neuroscience.” She currently teaches mindfulness to students in both public and private elementary, middle and high schools. She has been trained in both the MindUp and Mindful Schools curricula and has recently completed Mindful Schools Year-Long Instructor Certification Program. Her personal integration of mindfulness is constantly being kept alive via interactions with her three tween and teenaged boys.

"Thank you for creating a safe, nurturing space for our children to establish their own practice of mindfulness and appreciation. Through your course, we saw a gentle shift as our kids practiced noticing their thoughts, focusing their attention, and expanding their capacity for gratitude. Having "homework" helped them naturally establish a practice that carried over long after your classes were complete. Thank you for laying the groundwork for a practice that can help them through the inevitable stress of adolescence and beyond."

"Our daughter loved learning ways to relax and de -stress from Ann. She creates a safe, compassionate community where our daughter found inner peace."  


"Students are experiencing higher levels of stress and Ann's class offers strategies and alternatives which allow them to feel less anxious, more balanced and more capable of managing the stress." 


Pricing, Scholarships & Scholarship Fund 

$150 registration fee 


The Center for Child and Family Well-Being has a limited number of financial awards for mindfulness classes. Please email for inquiries. For more information and to apply for a scholarship, click this link:


If you are able to pay more, please consider donating to the Mindfulness Outreach Fund. The purpose of this fund is to make mindfulness classes and training opportunities accessible to individuals who indicate need, based on limited financial resources, or professionals who work with underserved children and families and are unable to pay the full registration feeTo make a donation, please visi


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Contact Information

Page Pless
Associate Director of Programs
Center for Child & Family Well-Being
Office: 206.221.8508

Cancellation policy

If you are unable to attend, please cancel your reservation so your spot may be made available to someone else. If you cancel up to 2 weeks prior to the event (4/10/16), you will receive a full refund, less a $5 processing fee. If you cancel within 2 weeks leading up to the event, you will receive a partial refund of 50% of your registration fee, less a $5 processing fee. Refunds unfortunately cannot be granted after the class start date.


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